Tips to tap C-level decision-makers using Digital Marketing

Getting C-level decision-makers to choose your digital marketing portfolio can be challenging. You need to go that extra mile to ensure that C-level decision-makers are convinced about your digital marketing strategy for their product.

Hubspot quotes a research where it was found that 71% of American and 61% of UK consumers agreed that a company is more trustworthy if their C-Suite executives use social media. Here are some ways to get them involved in your digital marketing campaign ideas:

  1. Highlight the ROI factor:
    Provide measurable results, so that there is solid proof why their marketing strategy should be going digital. Link your content to their business goals. Hubspot predicts that 41% marketers secured more budget for more inbound marketing initiatives based on their capacity to prove past ROI.
  2. Be well-informed:
    To make a winning impression, you need to be well-informed about your portfolio. Be crystal clear about your digital marketing initiative and what it can do for their product in the long run. Before you reach out to the C-level decision-makers, make sure you do your homework and are prepared to answer any questions related to your portfolio.
  3. Content is king:
    Clichéd, but true! Your content has to be outstanding for a C-level decision-maker to sit up and take notice. There are no two ways about it.
  4. Use LinkedIn to improve your visibility:
    It’s a myth that C-level decision-makers are not tech-savvy. Most of them are in their late 40s or mid-50s. They might not have been familiar with technology once upon a time, but they are quite comfortable using it now. They are tech-savvy and at ease with using technology to their advantage. They could be found on a few Social Media platforms for professionals, like LinkedIn. Advertising your digital marketing portfolio on LinkedIn is a great way to get noticed by those that matter.
  5. C-level decision makers often rely on others inputs:
    According to a Google study, while 64% of the C-level executives have the final say, 24% of non-C-level B2B professionals are also looked up to. So when you are pitching your digital marketing strategy, make sure that you pitch it to the C-level executive’s team as well. C-level decision-makers often ask inputs from their own team and depend on feedback from peers before making a decision.

While C-level decision-makers are convinced that digital marketing is the way to go, these tips could help you gain insights in their thought process and make them reach out to you for their digital marketing campaigns. Many email automation tools also exist today that help businessmen in their digital marketing endeavours. TSLimpact is one such tool!