Our Story

Our Story

TSLimpact is an email marketing platform that enables small and medium businesses (SMBs) across industry verticals to create visibility and awareness about their companies, brands, products & services in their targeted markets.

e-mail marketing, when deployed systematically and in a planned manner, is one of the most effective out-bound marketing channels to achieve visibility and positioning goals in the most cost-effective manner. If executed well, email marketing has the potential to establish one-to-one communication with customers and generate genuine and qualified interests & leads.  Thus, the whole idea behind creating TSlimpact was to empower our customers to grow.

Two important realities from our 10 years+ experience working with SMBs as their marketing and demand generation partners are –

  • Every rupee of marketing budget is precious; with expectation of maximum RoI in terms of reach, effective resonance with the audience and in-bound responses
  • With limited marketing resources and expertise, email marketing as a digital tactic can be planned and executed swiftly with a relatively short response time

TSLimpact complements TSL’s wide portfolio of marketing services and has helped us deliver enhanced value to our customers. There are a number of practical features and functionality in the platform that one is welcome to review during the demo and free trial.

While we use the platform extensively as part of our marketing campaign execution for our customers, we are happy to present TSLimpact to the SMB industry and offer flexible subscription models to suit their requirements.

What can the tool do for you?

While this has been covered above in the story, here are the bullet points –

  • Higher and quicker RoI with minimum investment
  • Choose from flexible investment models and scale up over time
  • Product/services/Brand visibility and awareness in the target markets and targeted buyer persona
  • Effective one-to-one messaging channel with the targeted buyer
  • Higher in-bound response rates with interests, enquiries & leads