TSLimpact has amazing features that help you draft effective emails and also ensure email delivery and track real-time analytics.

“Robust B2B Email Marketing”

Build your Sales Pipeline

TSLimpact identifies your prospective customers’ digital behavior and reduces sales-cycle time considerably.


Maximum Email Deliverability

TSLimpact is smartly designed to deliver emails directly into your inbox while adhering to CANSPAM guidelines. Ensure positive email delivery status while the pre-designed templates help attract customer’s attention. Assured email deliverability boosts sales opportunity.

Pre-designed Templates

You can easily customize any of our ready-to-use pre-designed templates across all campaigns. All you need to do is just add your logo, banner images, content and landing page link. Smartly drive your inbound traffic and convert it into business. You can also re-use your earlier email templates when required.

Real-time Reporting Analytics & Reporting

TSLimpact tracks real-time analytics such as open count, bounce rate, click-through-rate (CTR), etc. Updates about number of Unique email opens and unique links clicked. You can even export these responders on the basis of action taken.


Your data security is our primary concern. To avoid electronic sign-ups, users are required to sign in with CAPTCHA codes. TSLimpact hosts the data on multi-domain servers. Credentials and personal information are kept confidential using SSL (Secured Socket Layer) encryption.

List Management

TSLimpact checks for invalid, bounced and outdated email addresses. You can upload lists containing recipient details such as name, company, designation, etc. Maintains health of your database on regular basis.


You can upload, edit, save and re-use your email databases whenever required. TSLimpact gives a secured and flexible email database repository.

Social Media Integration

TSLimpact allows easy integration with social media. You have the flexibility to upload your campaign details into social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. You need not login separately to promote the campaign. Hence, it also provides an effective social media marketing services.

Get higher email deliverability rates and real time reporting!

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